What does WAWA mean?
娃娃means dolls in Mandarin, cheeky gals x
Our mission is to build an accessible, aspirational and creative empire to share with the whole world that love fashion does not need to break the bank
To be the one and only is our goal, fashion is a lifestyle, a way to scream your thoughts out!!Through this platform, we love to share a new concept of fashion to you, with a small budget and fine quality, so everyone still can kill the best street look!
Here we combining worldwide latest and newest street fashion inspired from Paris, London, Melbourne, Tokyo…and more all over the world, we love discovering new ideas of fashion Cheekywawa wants to empower all the people globally to be confident in themselves. No matter you like to dress up like a gal or a boy! Be who you want to be! if everyone all dressed up the same that’s sh@#t boring right !!?
Plus Cheekywawa buyers are always going for a treasure hunt everywhere in the world
We have it all! limited produced from Japan, handmade beautiful pattern fabric from India, some others are secondhanded biker leather jackets from the US …and more!!How exciting!!
Have you heard of “with great power comes great responsibility “? Yup! That’s what Spider-Men’s uncle Ben says. We aim to encourage every wawa to reach their dreams. We do not care who you are, what your gender is ,or is the color of your skin . We just want to return our love back to society .
“In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes, “ says Andy Warhol Believe that! Because we set up
+ Cheekywawa Brand’s designers for general public to share their version of fashion Also if your designed product’s sketches got selected by Cheekywawa, there will be 3-12% profit share with you !! Sign up for designer